In this section you will find various documents such as current brochures and leaflets, operating manuals and our current terms and conditions available for download, and datasheets about our products can be found in the products section.

Technical data sheets for sensors

For more information regarding our product line "DOSASens - amperometric sensors" and detailed technical data regarding the sensors, please find below some links leading to the technical data sheets. 

Further (technical) information on our complete product line of "DOSASens - amperometric sensors" can be found in the following data sheets.

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Please choose your sensor for more details: 


DOSASens chlorine sensor CL4

DOSASens chlorine sensor CC1

DOSASens chlorine sensor CS4

DOSASens chlorine sensor CP4.0


DOSASens bromine sensor BR1

Chlorine dioxide

DOSASens chlorine dioxide sensor CD4

DOSASens chlorine dioxide sensor CD7

DOSASens chlorine dioxide sensor CD10


DOSASens ozone sensor OZ1

DOSASens ozone sensor OZ7

DOSASens ozone sensor OZ10


DOSASens chlorite sensor MST1

Hydrogen peroxide

DOSASens hydrogen peroxide sensor WP7

DOSASens hydrogen peroxide sensor WP10

Peracetic acid

DOSASens peracetic acid sensor PES7

DOSASens peracetic acid sensor P9

DOSASens peracetic acid sensor P10

Non-membrane-covered sensors

DOSASens chlorine sensor AS

DOSASens chlorine dioxide sensor AS

Decontamination declaration

Due to statutory regulations and for the safety of our employees and operating equipment we require a signed Declaration of Contamination before your order can be processed. Please insert it in the packaging so that it is visible and accessible from the outside.

Thank you for your understanding.

Decontamination declaration DOSATRONIC