Measuring and controlling equipment

Measuring and control equipment needs to be perfectly coordinated, so choosing the right instrument plays a key role. We have a high­performance product portfolio ranging from 1-channel controllers to multi-parameter controllers.

  • 1-channel controllers
  • 2-channel controllers
  • 3-channel controllers
  • 4-channel controllers
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We offer a broad range of sensors to suit your individual measurement, control and dosing tasks. DOSASens sensors are suited both for classic standard applications as well as more complex areas of application. .

  • Electrodes
  • Conductivity/temperature
  • Amperometric sensors
  • Flow cells and valves
  • Filter technology
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Dosing equipment

Dosing pumps are used wherever reliable dosing of liquids, taking time, volume and pressure into consideration, is required. The particular dosing applications can be very diverse.

  • Solenoid-driven diaphragm dosing pumps
  • Peristaltic pumps
  • Motorised diaphragm dosing pumps
  • Dosing stations
  • Water meters
  • Proportional dosers
  • Accessories
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Swimming pool technology

Swimming pool water is subject to stringent hygienic and quality standards, and rightly so, to protect bathers' health. Reliable and properly functioning measuring, control and dosing technology is required to meet these requirements.

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    Disinfection systems:

    We offer all sorts of different systems for disinfecting water – ranging from chlorine dioxide and electrolysis to disinfection with UV light.

    • Chlorine dioxide generators
    • Chlorine electrolysis
    • UV systems
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