Chlorine dioxide generators

Chlorine dioxide is a universal disinfectant and is unaffected by the pH value!
DOSAiX chlorine dioxide units generate aqueous chlorine dioxide fully automatically using the acid-chlorite method. We offer a wide variety of systems, ranging from low capacities (0–5 g/h) to high capacity systems (3,000 g/h) as well as in a wide variety of different designs, such as pressurised systems, pressure-free systems, batch units and systems based on your specific requirements.
These systems are used for the disinfection of drinking water, for instance in public buildings, water works, industrial plants, for removing bacteria from water in CIP plants, and for algae and biofilm removal in cooling systems and cooling towers etc.

Acid/chlorite method
4HCl + 5 NaClO  4 ClO₂ + 5 NaCl + H₂O
Hydrogen chloride and sodium chlorite react to form water, sodium chloride and chlorine dioxide. 

What does the chlorine dioxide do?
Oxidation breaks the molecular bonds and the biofilm organism dies, causing the Legionella to die as well.

Unlike chlorine, chlorine dioxide affects the entire biofilm, right down to the amoeba. It is effective below the odour threshold and is not affected by the pH value.

DOSAiXD5 … 30

Chlorine Dioxide Unit

Compact chlorine dioxide unit operating according to the unpressurised chlorite/acid process. ClO2 output: 0 … 5, max. 30 g/h (depending on the system capacity)

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    DOSAiXD5T ... 30T

    Chlorine dioxide unit

    Compact chlorine dioxide unit operating according to the unpressurised chlorite/acid method. ClO₂ output: 0–5, max. 30 g/h (depending on the system capacity), with touch screen

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      Chlorine dioxide unit

      Compact, wall-mounted Chlorine Dioxide Unit with flow meter in the bypass line for safe dosing. ClO₂ capacity: 35‒1,500 g/h (depending on design).

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