Tubular cell electrolysis

Capacity approx. 30‒200 g/h. Compact tubular cell electrolysis unit for fully automatic product production of highly active and fresh hypochlorite-based disinfection solution. A stock of concentrated and shelf-stable sodium hypochlorite solution is prepared from a saline solution 

  • Uses chemically resistant and process-compatible materials such as titanium, PMMA, PVDF, PVC-C and PVC-U
  • Complete, fully functional system
  • Utmost reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Good component accessibility
  • Plain text display of all operation and operating states
  • Transparent safety thanks to artificial intelligence
  • Integrated bus interface possible
  • Stainless steel supporting frame structure
  • Integrated hydrogen separator
  • Integrated softening unit
  • Long service life of the electrodes
  • Supply voltage: 230 V/50 Hz
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