Local web server for an app-free measurement, regulation and remote control with a classicaly 4-canal-controller, for the measuring and, optionaly regulation of: pH-, redox and free chlorine, total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, free bromine, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and many other parameters.

  • operation via web browser with external device (PC, smartphone, tablet pc) with integrated access administration
  • LAN-connection RJ45 necessary, DHCP- or hard addressing 
  • LED-display on the device, display-free settings via network
  • data recording in the device via SD card and by remote access
  • E-mailing of the files and alarms to 3 configurable addresses
  • General functions: Computation of the activity of the free chlorine, correction of the pH-error of the chlorine mV-sensors, monitoring of the overrange from the mV-sensores, evaluation of the empty signal chater, separate external metering enabling via electronic input, evaluation of the inductive flowmeter with (optional) flow-compensation, evaluation of other reed-contacts, guided calibration
  • Input:
    • 4 galvanically isolated slots for pH-, redox- or mV-sensors (see accessory list)
    • 1 x temperature measurement with Pt100, Pt1000 or NTC
    • 4 x digital input
  • Output:
    • 4 relays configurable to the control channel or alarm
    • 2 electronical outputs via optocoupler for normal or PWM-signales
    • optional 2 outputs 4 … 20mA
  • Regulation:
    • 4 integrated software-controllers, modular configurable for measurement and actuator
    • P-, PI- or PID-parameterization of the regulators
    • working direction for pH-regulation is adjustable
    • nonparametric (adaptive) regulation for simple initial setting
    • 2-point-pulse lengths- or pulse frequency-signals for actuators
  • Power connection: 90 … 240 V AC + 10%, 50/60 Hz, 24 DC as an option
  • Housing in ABS plastic, protection class IP65
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