Mobile laboratory for the measurement of legionella

Measurement of legionella: Mobile Laboratory - Analysis within 1 hour!

  • 1 - Hour Legionella-test
  • Measureing of the living/activ (effectual) bacteria
  • quantitative: 60 … 106 CFU/KBE
  • self calibration-mode
  • two Filter methoda available:
    • manual (Basic-Kit)
    • automatic (extended equipment, Professional-Kit)
  • Short description:
    • the legianella get genetically „trapped“ and linked to Micro-Bits
    • by color-tracer the bacteria will be made visible
    • the amount of detected/coloured legionella will be spectrophotometrically counted and the data will be read out
    • the results get in the range of 60 … 106 CFU/KBE displayed
  • Advantages:
    • measurement results directly on site
    • self-verification within 1 hour possible
    • legionala must not be cultivated (saving of time from one till a number of days)
  • AOAC certificated


  • Check up on the contamination of water systems to contamination with legionella:
    • drinking water, cooling water, service water
    • industrial, pulic, private
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