Mobile laboratory for legionella measurement

Legionella measurement: Mobile laboratory  ̶̶Analysis within 1 hour!

  • 1-hour legionella test
  • Measurement of the live/active (effective) bacteria
  • Quantitative: 60‒106 CFU
  • Self-calibration mode
  • Two filtering methods available:
    • Manual 
    • Automatic (advanced version, see scope of supply A, B)
  • Brief description:
    • The legionella bacteria are genetically “captured” and coupled to form micro-bits
    • The bacteria are made visible using colour tracers
    • The number of detected/coloured legionella bacteria are then measured and read out spectrophotometrically
    • The results displayed range from 60‒106 CFU
  • Benefits:
    • Reading displayed immediately on the spot
    • Self-testing possible within 1 hour
    • Legionella no longer have to be cultivated (saving up to several days)
  • AOAC certified

Areas of application:

  • Inspection of water systems for contamination with Legionella in 
    • drinking water, cooling water, service water
    • industrial, public, private
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