Chlorine sensor with membrane-covered, amperometric 3-electrode system. For the mea-surement of free chlorine on the basis of iso-cyanuric acid, also in seawater. 

  • Measurand(s): NaClO (sodium hypochlorite), Ca(ClO)2 (calcium hypochlorite), Cl2 (chlorine gas), electrolytically generated chlorine, and organic combined chlorine based on iso-cyanuric acid (tested up to an iso-cyanuric acid concentration of 500 mg/l)
  • in the presence of isocyanuric acid, the sensor measures the total bound organic chlorine (within the isocyanuric acid) and the free chlorine already released from it 
  • Calibration: at the controller, via analytical chlorine determination by DPD 1 method. Observe the isocyanuric acid concentration when determining the free chlorine
  • Interferences: ClO2 is 100 % detected, O3 is detected
  • pH range: 4 … 12, greatly reduced pH dependence
  • Pressure range: 0… 0.5 bar, no pressure surges and/or fluctuations
  • Temperature range: 0 … 45 °C, (no ice cristals in test water allowed) 
  • Integrated automatic temperature compensation
  • Response time: T90 approx. 2 min.
  • Flow rate: approx. 30 l/h, low flow dependence
  • Shaft length: standard 175 mm, and up to 220 mm in length (mA-Version)
  • Connection: standard 4-pole plug; for mA-version 2-pole terminal, M12 male or Modbus RTU with M12 male
  • Material: PVC-U, PEEK, stainless steel 1.4571, microporous hydrophilic membrane
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