Sensor for the measurement of chlorite. Membrane-covered, amperometric, potentiostatic 3-electrode measuring system. 

  • Measured variable(s): chlorite from acid/chlorite method, chlorine/chlorite method, chlorite/oxidant method
  • Calibration: at the controller, via analytical determination of chlorite
  • Interferences: Mn²⁺, nitrite, Fe²⁺
  • No cross sensitivity to chlorine dioxide, chlorine or chlorate
  • pH range: 6-9
  • Pressure range: 0‒5 bar, without outgassing, no pressure surges and/or fluctuations
  • Temperature range: 0–40 °C (no ice crystals in the water)
  • Integrated automatic temperature compensation
  • Response time: T90 approx. 1 min
  • Flow rate: approx. 30 l/h
  • Shaft length: standard 175 mm (mA version up to 220 mm)
  • Connection: standard 4-pin plug or modbus RTU with M12 socket
  • Material: PVC, PEEK, stainless steel 1.4571, membrane
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