Flow cell made of high-grade, transparent acrylic (PMMA) for holding electro-chemical sensors.

  • High-quality device made of transparent acrylic (PMMA)
  • Equipped with needle valve to set the flow rate and with float to indicate the current flow rate (except for DF01LC) 
  • As an option for flow monitoring: inductive proximity switch (except for DF01LC)
  • The fitting is equipped with a sample valve (except for DF 20 and DF01LC)
  • The flow geometry is perfectly adapted to the sensors
  • Operating temperature: 25‒75 °C
  • C (water up to 50 °C, cold water) PP connection, PVC screw connection
  • H (water up to 80 °C, hot water) PVDF connection, PVDF screw connection
  • 80 °C as an option for hot water (this option allows an operating pressure of 8 bar, even at 80 °C; make sure you select a corresponding kit for the hose connection)
  • Max. operating pressure: 6 bar
  • Sample water flow rate: > 30 l/h
  • Connection: 1 ¼", d = 25 mm, PG13,5 (connection to ETE temperature sensor possible, except for DF01LC-C and DF01LC)
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