Swimming pool technology – DOSAPool

Swimming pool water is subject to stringent hygienic and quality standards, and rightly so, to protect bathers' health. These requirements are reflected both in national and international standards and regulations.

Reliable and properly functioning measuring, control and dosing technology, which ensures that hygienically and chemically impeccable water quality is guaranteed at all times, is required to meet these requirements.

Measurement, control and dosing systems for measuring the swimming pool water as well as the resulting dosage of acid/alkali and liquid disinfectant.

  • We design the right dosing system for your swimming pool precisely in accordance with your requirements.
  • We devise solutions using our own standard components that leave nothing to be desired when it comes to quality and safety.
  • The compact units are delivered ready for connection and mounted (on a mounting plate).
  • Accurate diaphragm dosing pumps allow for precise dosing of the swimming pool chemicals.
  • Other features (depending on the design):
    • Standby input (or flow rate monitoring)
    • pH priority function
    • Temperature compensation
    • etc.