DOSATRON in car washes


Cars and commercial vehicles can be cleaned and valetted automatically or manually in car washes, washing gantries and washing bays with high-pressure washers, which are often subject to unwanted pressure fluctuations, depending on the current load on the washing bays. In contrast to electrically powered or Venturi systems, DOSATRON proportional dosing units are independent of fluctuating water pressure and any fluctuations in throughput.*


Car washing with DOSATRON dosing pumps

DOSATRON proportional dosing units can also be used to add viscous concentrates such as degreasing agents, engine and rim cleaners, disinfectants and vehicle waxes without any difficulty. DOSATRON has developed special compact dosing pumps for use in gantry car washes and smaller car washes, without any pulsation effects.


DOSATRON dosing pumps excel in car washes thanks to:
  • automatic compensation of fluctuations during production, e.g. in temperature, pressure, viscosity*,
  • simple dosing adjustment of the mixing ratio (without requiring calibration) and direct readout and adjustment on the unit,
  • self-priming, water-driven operating principle, that runs without electricity.


*Within the design-specific tolerances of the respective unit (see Dosing Technology product catalogue or speak to one of our technical consultants). 


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