Disinfection systems

Hygienic, flexible, precise

We offer all sorts of different systems for disinfecting water – ranging from chlorine dioxide and chlorine electrolysis to UV disinfection units. We are happy to assist you in finding the best disinfection method for your application.

Disinfection systems

Our lives depend on clean water. The DosaiX and DosaDes series ensure the highest possible hygiene standards. DosaiX chlorine dioxide systems disinfect regardless of pH value and can thus be used for numerous applications without any difficulty. They have a broad spectrum of action. DosaDes systems are designed for closed systems based on sodium hypochlorite. The disinfectant can be generated and dosed as required to ensure fully automatic compliance with the prescribed disinfectant concentration in swimming pools, for example.


If you would rather disinfect your water without using chemicals, you can use UV or ozone systems, which disinfect the water with low maintenance while retaining all of the water's natural properties. They are also suitable for disinfecting liquids in cooling systems, which is why they are also used in hotels, for example, as a preventive measure against Legionella infestation in air-conditioning systems. Our systems are Ö-Norm and DVGW certified and thus meet the highest technical standards.

The all-in-one dosing systems (dosing stations) are individually configurable so that they can be adapted to any application in any location. The dosing pump and all of the other components of the dosing station are selected depending on the medium handled. The dosing stations are delivered pre-assembled, ready for operation, and can be manufactured as a one-off unit, a short production run or a serial production run.

Chlorine dioxide generators


UV systems

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Want to know more about our products?

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