Water meters

Water meters are used to record volumetric flow rates for proportional dosing systems. Contact water meters are available as cold or hot water meters from ½'' DN 12 to 2'' DN 50 with a standard pulse interval of 1, 2 or 4 pulses/litre.


We can also supply contact water meters with PTFE coating for use with drinking water or with fully demineralised water. Woltmann contact water meters are used for higher flow rates up to a connection size of N 200.


Produkt WW Woltmann contact water meter

WW Woltmann contact water meter

Die cast iron

Product description

  • Woltmann contact water meter
  • Dry-dial water meter with dry metering chamber
  • Operating temperature:
    • Cold water up to 30 °C
    • Warm water up to 130 °C

Scope of supply

  • Woltmann contact water meter, connection cable, (2 m as standard), BNC plug (standard), available without plug on request
  • When ordering: please indicate litre/pulse and cable end

Areas of application

  • Registration of flow rates
  • Pulse to controller (for dosing control)
Produkt Impeller flow meter

Impeller flow meter

Water meter

Product description

  • Impeller flow meter with impulse drive
  • Max. operating pressure: 16 bar

Scope of supply

  • Impeller flow meter with screw connections
  • Standard connection cable 2 m (except for Teflon),

Areas of application

  • Precise registration of flow rates
  • Pulse to controller (for dosing control)