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Know what’s happening

Before intervening, we need to know what the current situation is. We measure the key parameters as precisely as possible, because intelligent and effective control is only possible if precise measurements have been taken.

Taken precisely

We control production processes reliably and precisely on the basis of accurate measurements, with measuring and control components forming a control loop. In the control loop, actual and target values are continuously compared and approximated.

The dose makes the difference

It has been clear for a long time that a lot doesn't do much good – it is much more important to strike the right balance. The dosage has to be reliable and precise, which is why our products detect and compensate for critical disruptions, such as in pressure or throughput.

Cleanliness is critical

Acidic or alkaline cleaning agents and disinfectants are generally used where cleanliness is paramount. Our portfolio includes product series with suitable equipment for handling such aggressive substances.

Want to know more about our products?

Want to know more about our products?

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DOSATRONIC GmbH, based in Ravensburg, Germany, has been developing, producing and distributing products and systems in the fields of water treatment, drinking water, wastewater treatment, swimming pool water, process water and environmental technology for over 20 years. A comprehensive product portfolio, innovative approaches and close proximity to our customers make us the ideal partner for a large number of companies – in Germany and around the world.

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Dosatronic | Areas of application

Wastewater treatment

DOSATRONIC provides wastewater technology that purifies wastewater cost-effectively, but nevertheless highly effectively, in accordance with legal regulations for the sake of our environment. The most important parameter in wastewater treatment is the pH, which is monitored and kept at the desired value by precisely dosing acid or alkali. All fully automated and 100% safe, of course.

Drinking water treatment

Drinking water has to meet the strictest quality standards, which are subject to stringent controls and specifications. DOSATRONIC’s application-oriented solutions using disinfection and effective water treatment ensure that these standards are met – worldwide – with the main focus being on the smell, taste and clarity of the hygienic, purified water, which is impressive both in terms of appearance and taste!

Plant engineering

The devil is in the details – but not for DOSATRONIC! Our dosing, measuring and control systems are an integral part of many large industrial plants. Although they can’t be seen from the outside, our systems ensure that the day-to-day processes in the chemical industry, in food production, in car washes and cleaning systems and in animal husbandry keep running smoothly. However, it isn't just “on land” that installations are equipped with DOSATRONIC technology! They are also used at sea, in shipbuilding, as well as at the seaside and in hotels and leisure facilities, and even underground in mining. 

Cooling water treatment

Cooling towers are a vital part of many technical facilities. They dissipate the heat energy released during the production process in evaporative cooling systems. The cooling water needs to be monitored continuously, as it can become an ideal breeding ground for algae and germs. To prevent bacterial growth, minerals concentration or corrosion, parameters such as conductivity, pH value and turbidity have to be permanently measured and, if necessary, readjusted – this is where the integrated control units from DOSATRONIC come in!

Fish farming

Fish farming is a rapidly growing sector of the food industry. Species of edible fish are mainly farmed in large tanks or ponds on fish farms and then processed on site. Water quality plays a crucial role in these sensitive ecosystems: the salinity, pH, turbidity and temperature of the water are all factors that need to be monitored and controlled in order to provide as realistic a reflection as possible of the natural habitat of the fish – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any interruption. DOSATRONIC provides high-precision measurement and control technology that allows these demanding water quality requirements to be met with ease, thus achieving even higher productivity.

Chemical industry

Dosing units are needed in large chemical plants, as well as high-precision dosing units in medium-sized and smaller laboratories. This is no problem, as – thanks to our decades of experience – we are able to develop application-specific and customised dosing units that are tailored to the size and requirements of the respective application.Continuous or manually controlled dosing – stationary or mobile – for solids, gases and liquids – reliable and robust: The high versatility in the configuration of the units gives you the necessary flexibility to let you choose exactly the right solution for every application. Feel free to contact us for individual advice.


High-precision dosing is critically important in processes that involve the use of numerous chemicals, including expensive ones. When performing electroplating, chemicals are consumed and need to be continuously fed to ensure a continuous process. Uninterrupted, automated monitoring of chemical concentrations via pH or conductivity allows the system to readjust itself by regulating the feed pumps. Manual control of these processes is possible, but no longer necessary.

Food and beverage industry

Cleanliness and hygiene are legally required to meet stringent standards in the food industry, which means that it is necessary to ensure that the water used is sterile and hygienically clean. In food production, maintaining the right temperature and the right pH is often critical. Cheese, for example, requires a certain temperature window, beer production depends on the right dosing at the right time, and fruit and vegetables need to reach the customer free of hazardous substances – all of which can be achieved by using precise dosing and control technology that covers the full range of applications. 

Surface technology

To produce resistant and durable surfaces, it is necessary to consider corrosion protection, ideal adhesion before coating and, of course, flawless aesthetic properties. Water quality is crucial to achieve this. Softened and demineralised water in particular ensures improved cleaning results and gentler cleaning of surfaces, while also saving a considerable amount of chemicals and cleaning agents. Demineralised water can remove much more dirt due to the high concentration gradient. The use of treated water protects systems and parts of the cleaning equipment that contain water, resulting in increased efficiency and lower costs.

Car washes

Various washing programmes require different dosing and control processes. Dosing units in car washes are exposed to very harsh conditions, as both moisture and heat as well as detergents are unavoidable in day-to-day operation. This makes great demands on the technical equipment, which the systems from DOSATRONIC meet without any difficulty. The dosing pumps are resistant to alkaline soap solutions, while offering the necessary precision to achieve the desired washing result – for every selected washing programme. 

Swimming pool water

Perfect quality swimming pool water is absolutely essential to ensure carefree fun in the pool. Algal growth, germ build-up and concentration of other substances can only be prevented by constantly monitoring the water. DOSATRONIC offers various solutions for disinfecting the water, both chlorine-based as well as using UV or ozone disinfection systems. The main advantage of these systems – apart from clean water – is the reduction of the smell of chlorine. UV and ozone disinfection systems are not chlorine-based, but disinfect using UV light or oxidation. The pH and the redox value of the swimming pool water also need to be checked constantly and kept at the setpoint value using a control system – to ensure that the water isn’t just clean, but also safe in case of accidental swallowing!

Metals industry

The metalworking industry uses oils, greases, lubricants and adhesives in applications which require a high degree of precision and reliability as well as resistance to these substances. It is precisely this high flexibility in processing that is offered by water-driven proportional dosers that run without electricity and ensure consistent quality in the production process. Wastewater produced during the production process can be treated by effective water treatment systems from DOSATRONIC and then returned to the cycle. Cost-cutting and sustainable.


Appropriate livestock husbandry as well as fertilisation and irrigation – there are lots of agricultural applications that require reliable metering and control technology. Animal husbandry requires both clean water and a way of administering precisely dosed medicine. In prolonged periods of drought, crop irrigation is essential, as is compliance with legally prescribed maximum amounts of fertiliser, pesticides and insecticides. DOSATRONIC systems around the world ensure that these standards are met in large-scale agricultural operations and can also be customised.

Pulp and paper industry

The wide variety of paper grades – be it in terms of thickness, colour, roughness or coating – is made possible by a range of additives used during production. The amount and type of admixtures – such as brighteners, varnishes and lubricants – used plays a significant role in the subsequent properties of the paper, which is why precise dosing is essential. Efficiency can be further enhanced by treating the wastewater and adding a biocide in precise quantities to prevent lumping, as this cuts cleaning costs and ensures smooth operation of the machine.


Strategically expedient and effective disinfection of surfaces and contact areas isn’t only important in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries. It is always essential to minimise the naturally occurring bacterial and viral load wherever large numbers of people congregate – not only during a pandemic. Stationary disinfection units ensure continuous disinfection in processes, and DOSATRONIC’s mobile disinfection units ensure “disinfection as you pass by”.


Professional water treatment is particularly important in shipping. The treatment of wastewater and the purification of ballast water take top priority when it comes to ensuring, among other things, that nearby ecosystems are not harmed. Due to the confined spaces involved, flexible disinfection systems play a crucial role in this context. DOSATRONIC products are ideally suited to this area of application.

Dosatronic | Our top sellers

NEW! DOSATec Proportional Doser D3

Proportional dosing with external adjustment
DOSATec Proportional Doser D3 .

Product description

  • Dosing range: 0.03 – 25 %
  • Pressure range: 0.3 – 6 bar, depending on the model
  • Water flow rate: 10 – 3,000 l/h
  • Dosing feed rate: 0.003 – 300 l/h
  • Dosing: proportional, e.g. a setting of 1 % corresponds to a dosage of 1:100
  • Average dosage tolerance: ± 10 %


Areas of application

Disinfection, hygiene, cleaning, odour neutralisation, food and beverage industry, environment, water treatment, lubrication, pH/tH regulation, flocculation, horticulture, metal processing, printing industry, car washes

1-channel controller DCW 120

freely programmable
1-channel controller DCW 120 .

Product description

  • Graphical display (customisable display)
  • Power-fail safe data storage
  • Signal input for measuring cells: 4 - 20 mA and 12/24 V electrically isolated


Areas of application

Measurement and regulation of: pH, free chlorine, total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, oxygen, conductivity, redox or turbidity