DOSATRON in the printing industry


The precise and reliable management of water as a raw material is absolutely imperative in the printing industry. Additives are used in a wide variety of printing processes, e.g. for dampening solution treatment, the dosing of minerals and silicone emulsions as well as the prevention of biofilms and – in connection with this – potential Legionella contamination. In this context, DOSATRON proportional dosing units ensure reproducibility and consistent dosing.


DOSATRON dosing pumps in the printing industry

In the case of dampening solution preparation, DOSATRON dosing pumps ensure precise admixture of the additives required for the relevant printing process (e.g. isopropyl alcohol or alcohol substitutes). However, DOSATRON metering pumps don’t just play a valuable role in printing itself, but also when it comes to optimising conditions during further processing (e.g. during slotting and folding) or during the storage of paper and print products.


DOSATRON dosing pumps excel in the printing industry thanks to:
  • self-priming, water-driven operating principle, that runs without electricity,
  • preventing the development of bacteria and microorganisms (e.g. Legionella), as well as the deposition of insoluble salts,
  • simple adjustment of the mixing ratio, even of the very smallest doses, and direct readout and adjustment on the unit.


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