DOSATRON in the food and beverage industry


Hygiene standards are by their nature particularly high in the food industry. For many years, DOSATRON dosing pumps have been helping to ensure cleanliness and sterility in food processing plants thanks to their proportional operating principle.


DOSATRON in food hygiene

Be it in industrial plants, apparatus, vehicles, containers or personal equipment – in contrast to electrically powered or Venturi systems, DOSATRON proportional dosing units are independent of fluctuating water pressure and any fluctuations in throughput.*

When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, disinfecting dispensing systems, belt lubrication, in so-called CIP systems (cleaning in place) and in boot cleaning systems, DOSATRON pumps are up to tackling virtually any challenge.


* Within the design-specific tolerances of the respective unit (see Dosing Technology product catalogue or speak to one of our technical consultants)


DOSATRON dosing pumps excel in the food and beverage industry thanks to:
  • easy integration into existing cleaning and disinfection systems (stationary or mobile),
  • low sensitivity to products that produce gas or viscous products,
  • simple, exact dosing adjustment of the mixing ratio and direct readout and adjustment on the unit.


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